Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Haters Gonna Hate

Hello Blog World,
Today I'm going to be sharing the story behind my nearly 2 month absence. The reason I stopped blogging and posting on Instagram was because I was basically having some stupid, childish girls from my town trolling on my stuff. One my best friends(or so I thought) was angry at me and decided to tell some people about it and basically it got out of control and all the girls who don't particularly like me started trolling my Instagram account and blog. They wouldn't leave me alone so I decided to just take a break from all of it. Looking back now I wish I wouldn't have let them make me stop blogging and posting because that's exactly what they wanted. I had a lot of great people stand up for me and they will always have my eternal thanks. Knowing  that I had people on my side was a great help. I am definitely not going to let some girls and their cyber bullying keep me from posting, in the wise words of Ms. Taylor Swift, haters gonna hate. I hope you guys will continue to follow my journey and forgive my long break. I am back and better than ever!! You can all look forward to many more posts by me in the future!

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