Friday, 12 June 2015

My Favorite Quote

 Okay so I normally DO NOT like to use curse words on my blog or Instagram account but I just loved this too much because I connect with it on so many levels. This quote is so true, I mean at least in my experience. When some girls were basically attacking me on social media, for days, they started calling me a Bitch!  After I stood up for myself by blocking them all. Even the girl I thought was my best friend(I had known her for almost 10 years) took their side and said I was a bitch and then joined them in spamming my Twitter and Instagram. Standing up for yourself(in a classy, nice way)in the face of bullies should not be a reason for people to call you a Bitch. They then preceded to call me a slew of other degrading names, all because I said they were being childish and blocked them. That is called dealing with mean girls in the best way. I will never understand why as women, we feel the need to tear other women down. Being girls we know how harsh the world is, we should really all be sticking together and try to help other women whenever we can. If standing up for myself and other women makes me a Bitch then I guess I am. 

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