Monday, 23 March 2015

When in Rome

Definitely one of my favorite cities that I saw in Europe was Rome. I absolutely LOVED it there and didn't have enough time there at all. When we drove through Rome we were on our way to a different city and unfortunately could only spend I day there. It was short and sweet but still amazing in every way. Seeing the colosseum was just mind-boggling and roaming the ancient Roman cobblestone streets was priceless. You could practically feel the history in every nook and cranny of the ancient city. I would definitely go back again and recommend everyone go at least once if they can. Here are some pictures from my trip.  

Here is the view driving towards Rome
Rome here we come!
First stop,Colosseum!! 

Colosseum up close, about to go in. 
Finally Inside!
It's huge guys!
After we left the colosseum to find the Trevi Fountain we stumbled upon some ruins. 
"Rome-ing" the streets(get it?) ;)
Finally found the Fountain!! I threw in 4 pennies! 
Circled back around the Colosseum on our way to our hotel. 

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