Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Clothing Haul Part 2

Okay so here is the second part of my clothing haul, sorry it took so long but I lost some receipts and I needed to know the prices of everything for the post. I basically spent these last few days tearing my house apart looking for them and luckily I found them all so let's get into it. 
I got this outfit from Old Navy, I'm not sure if I'll use it to workout in or sleep in but anyway it was regularly $40 and I got it for $9. 
Also from Old Navy I got this adorable denim tank-like top for $3 and it was regularly $29.99
This outfit from Joe Fresh was regularly $55 and I got it for $10. I was so excited about finding white jeans because I've been looking for a pair foreve. 
Lastly, I got this blue top from Old Navy, I thought it would look great with my new jeans. It was regularly $16 and I got it for $5

So that is the conclusion to my clothing haul, let me know which outfit was your favorite down below! 

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