Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Stila Palette Review

What's up Readers!?  I just had to do a review on the Stila in the Light Palette. It is honestly one of my all time favourite palletes and I never thought I would find one I love as much as my naked palletes but this one comes VERY close. So let's get into it. 

The pallete comes with 10 natural gold/brown colours and a dark chocolate, kohl, waterproof eyeliner. I love how all these colours blend together, they make an amazing smokey eye. They have a very nice wear time as well, without primer they lasted on my eye from the morning through a workout until late evening. I found that to be really impressive. 
Out of the 10 colours 4 have shimmer and the rest are matte which I really liked because I don't like to have too much glitter. My personal favourites are Champagne, Bare, and Sunset. 

The pallete runs about $40 at Sephora I believe which is a really good price I think personally. It's much cheaper than the Nakeds and lasts just as long if not longer on your eyes as the Nakeds do. They also have three other palletes in purple,blue,and green color schemes. So if you're looking for a cheapish pallete I definitely recommend this one. It's great quality at a great price. 

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