Friday, 16 January 2015

Flashback To Paris

Hello Lovelies! 
Today I decided to do a "Flashback Friday" to my 18th birthday in Paris last year. It was honestly the best birthday I've had in my whole entire life. I was there for 3 days and it was wonderful. I saw the Louvre, the Eiffel Tower, the Grand Palais, and so much more. One of my favourite places I saw was the Saint Denis Basilica. It's a kind of a little hidden gem if you ask me. It is where all the rulers of France are buried. My main reason for going was to see Catherine De Medici's grave because I am SO in love with the show Reign, any fellow Reign lovers on here? Anyway so I wanted to see her and when I got there I found out that is where Marie Antoinette is buried! My mom freaked out because she loves her! One of my other absolute favorite sites was the Original Chanel flagship store. I'm not gonna lie I was like on a high the whole time I was there(I'm a freak for anything Chanel and I kin of have a woman crush on Coco). It was amazing everyone in the store was so nice and just knowing Coco actually walked and worked in there was priceless, plus I left smelling like Chanel number 5 so all around it was fabulous. Anyway let's get into some pictures! 
Here is a gross mirror selfie of me before we left for Paris the morning of my Birthday. 
This is the evening of my Birthday in Hardrock Paris! Yeah we were those typical tourists who ate at Hardrock, don't judge. 
The next day we obviously had to check out the town which included the gorgeous Eiffel Tower. 
After the tower we headed towards the Louvre. Probably one of my favorite places on the planet. It was so gorgeous and I love museums.
Look who we saw while we were in the Louvre! 
Then we headed to the Chanel store, which was actually just a short walk from the Louvre. 
Me trying on different Chanel scents. 
After all that walking we stopped for a little Parisian snack aka the best Macarons you will ever taste in your life. 
And finally back to the Eiffel Tower to see it sparkle in the night. Definitely a must see. 

I hope you guys enjoyed my little flashback. If any of you have ever been to Paris comment below telling me what your favorite experience was. 

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