Saturday, 31 January 2015

Make Up Must Haves

Okay so this is a post I noticed a lot of you wanted to see so here it is. It's my everyday make must haves I literally use these products almost EVERY day so yeah let's get into it guys. 

First this is my favorite foundation like product at the moment. Keep in mind I change foundations almost monthly so this will probably not stay my favorite for long but for now I wear the Marcelle BB cream. 
I'm like SO freaking in love with BB cream like I can't even explain my love for it. It's so light and airy, it covers just enough of what needs covering, and my absolute favorite thing about it is it's not thick and cakey. I can't stand to feel like I have tons of crap on my face.  I definitely recommend this BB cream if you're in the market for one. 

Next is my eye shadow,now here's the thing I'm a complete eyeshadow nut so I actually alternate between my three FAVE palletes all the time so I decided to just show all three since I couldn't pick a favourite. 
The first one is my Stila in the Light pallete which realitively new. I use this one quite a lot because the colours are so natural and are perfect for everyday wear. If you want to know more about it I did a review on it a few posts back so go check that out. 
My second fave is the Naked 3 by Urban Decay. Now can I just say how amazing the Naked Palletes are? Like bless UD for sending these beauties into our lives. I'm obsessed with my Naked so much so that I have hit pan on like 4 colours and will have to buy a new one soon. I just love these colours so much because the are so easy to wear everyday but can be layered up to make really dramatic looks as well. 
Last and certainly not least is the Nudes by Maybelline. Now my mom actually bought this first and kept telling me it was just like a small Naked 1 pallete. Of course I just laughed and was like sure mom but then I bought one and she was actually spot on. This is so similar the first Naked pallete and the colours last just as long. I totally recommend that you guys get yourself one plus it will only cost you $12 instead on $60. 

Now onto mascara. So being half Pakistani I'm blessed with amazingly thick and long lashes so they are the feature I love to play up and emphasize most. This means I actually use two different mascaras. Now don't worry I don't walk around will clumpy gross lashes, I layer very carefully. Here are my two must have mascaras. 
These layered together just give me the absolute perfect lashes like the days I've gotten so many compliments on my lashes were the days I wore this fantastic combo. I usually start with the Pumped Up and then add on the They're Real and voila to die for lashes. 

I hope you all enjoyed this post and that it gave a good glimpse into my make up bag. Let me know your make up must haves down below. 

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